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Our MissionGlobal Leadership

Rizvi Fashion’s mission is to continue our tradition of global leadership in high quality apparel and Ready Made Garments Products and commit ourselves to promoting universal ideals of community and service. We create products that make people feel stylish, comfortable and special from birth to maturity. We aim at an integrative approach in designing and producing our products which focuses on innovation, advanced technologies and special attention to our customer’s needs and lifestyles. Rizvi Fashions is committed to supporting our customers, fulfilling and exceeding their expectations, and enabling them to be more competitive in the market place.

Accreditations & Certifications

Our VisionDefine Creativity

At Rizvi Fashions we strive to maintain our position as global Ready Made Garments in the field of high quality apparel. Led by the desire to support our customers, we aspire to fulfill and exceed their expectations through continuous innovation and creativity, all the while staying true to our universal social and environmental ideals.

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ManufacturingLingerie Products

Rizvi Fashions specializes in manufacturing knitwear, lingerie and babies products. We are equipped with 74 fully integrated production lines spread across 327,403 square feet of ergonomically designed production floors. Run by a highly efficient workforce of more than 4,400 people, the company has the capacity to produce one million pieces per month. Some of the machines that Rizvi Fashions uses to ensure quality products for sewing are from Juki, Brothers, Golden Whell, ZO JI, pagasus, Siruba, NISO etc. Rizvi Fashions follows best manufacturing practices, and our highly skilled and experienced Industrial Engineering and Quality Assurance teams ensure that we are able to deliver quality products on a consistent basis.

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